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Infusion and Cocktail Workshop (Hivesters)

An Introduction to the World of Rums as a workshop organised by Hivesters. Participants of the workshop were explained the process of how Thai Rum is made, local ingredients, quality control and taste directly from the Distiller of Lamoon and Lamai Thai Rum by Lamai Thai Spirit. Participants also got to enjoy learning how to make their own cocktails as a group, understand infusions, make their own infusion and take home a little souvenir or two. It was a great time for all and contact us if you would like to be on the mailing list for our next Workshop.

Venue: TEP Bar.
Organized by: Hivesters.
Sponsored and Training by: Bootleggers Trading and Lamai Thai Spirit.
Pictures by: Stev Bonhage and @Hint
Video by: Ree Webster and George Bryant.